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    Judy and Claudi had just seduced Mr. Connors. As they left his office Claudia asked Judy if she had thought any more about when or how they would get with Ted. “Well next week the plant is closed down so there won’t be many people working in the office” replied Judy. “I think only the Sales Manager, his secretary, Ted, you and I will be in the office”.

    “That will make it easy as heck then” said Claudia. “I think the Sales Manager has been scewing his secretary right along so I’m sure they will be doing a lot of that next week. Come to think of it that’s probably why he scheduled things the way he did.” The girls agreed to “get” Ted the following week.

    The following week the office was practically deserted. At noon Claudia left her office and strolled past the Sales Manager’s office. The door was barely ajar but Claudia could see that John, the sales manager, was fully engaged in screwing his secretary. They were both naked and John was fucking the hell out of her. Claudia hurried on over to Judy’s office and they both headed for Ted’s office. As they entered his office Claudia closed and locked the door. “I heard about you sticking your finger in Judy’s pussy” said Claudia. onlyteenpussy.net “Do you want to really have some fun?” asked Claudia as she unbuttoned her dress and let it slide from her shoulders and down to the floor. Judy quickly followed Caludia’s lead shedding her outer garments as well.

    Ted gulped as the two young gals showed off their firm young bodies covered only by their sheer panties and bra. He had dreamed of doing both of them but not even in his wildest dream did he dare think he would get to do both of them at the same time.

    The girls came over to his desk standing on each side of him. Ted reached out and drew them close by wrapping an arm around each of them. Ted was in ecstasy, feeling both of them in his arms, and their thighs against his face since it was on the same level as their pussies. He pulled Claudia’s hips to his face and began running his tongue down the edge of her panties. When he got to her pussy he munched lightly on her mound thru the panties making her squirm. His left hand was busy exploring under Judy’s panties and playing with her pussy. He yanked both sets of panties off the girls and began lapping Claudia’s pussy while his fingers were busy invading Judy.

    While Ted had been having his way with the girls’ pussies they had been busy removing his clothes. Then they began kissing his nipples and running their tongues across his belly and into his belly button. They knelt down beside Ted as their tongues met on the tip of his penis. They started kissing the shaft of his dick on each side at the same time. Claudia engulfed his dick in her sweet mouth as Judy licked his balls. Ted thought he would explode right then but he managed to keep it under control.

    Ted decided it was time to fuck one of the girls. He got up from his chair and knelt behind Judy and rammed his dick home in her pussy. As he fucked her on the floor Claudia laid down in front of Judy so she began eating Claudia’s pussy. Judy loved to eat pussy and soon brought Claudia to an orgasm about the same time as she came fron the furious fucking she had been getting from Ted.

    Ted pulled out of Judy and moved over by Claudia and plunged his stiff dick into her drenched pussy. He rammed it in and like a steam driven piston until he climaxed in a flood of cum which ran out of Claudia and onto the carpet.

    “Shit, it looks like we are going to have to clean the carpet this week” said Judy.

    “Better wait a day or two as we may mess it up again if Ted is willing” replied Claudia.

    “Maybe we’ll invite John and his secretary in on the fun next time” observed Judy.

    They got up and put their clothes back on and were getting ready to go back to work as John walked in and saw their appearance. “Looks like you folks have been having some fun on company time” he said wryly.

    “Maybe the same kind of fun you were having with your secretary earlier” replied Claudia.

    “Oops, I didn’t know anyone saw us.” said John.

    “Let’s have one big party tomorrow” suggested Judy.

    “OK by me” replied John, relieved that the girls wouldn’t be turning him into management plus he might just get to fuck those two sexy bitches, Claudia and Judy.

    With that they all went back to work.